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Adam McKay

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“At least a dozen times as an adult I've found myself saying ‘Why the hell didn't we have an economics and finance class in high school?’ Whether it was being ripped off on credit card rates or not knowing my rights when it came to paying back student loans or even what the Federal Reserve is, I've always marveled at how the one subject we all should know, economics, is the subject most of us are completely illiterate about. 

Through the years I've read a dozen or so books, watched all the documentaries and asked a fair amount of questions. And as I learned the rudimentary basics of macro and micro economics I was amazed at how simple the world actually is once you penetrate the language and jargon. But still, most people act as though advance degrees and tweed jackets are required to even discuss compound interest. Or worse yet, most people treat the subject as a complete bore. But as a fan of pop culture I know there's nothing boring about the economy, who runs it and who profits from it. In fact, it's the juiciest subject there is. So when I heard about the WTE project and the fact that Morgan Spurlock was curating it, I knew I was in. I truly hope it's the beginning of a movement to popularize economics. Lord knows our country needs it.” 

Short Biography

ADAM McKAY is an American screenwriter, director, comedian and actor. Formerly the head writer at “Saturday Night Live,” McKay has a comedy partnership with Will Ferrell, with whom he co-wrote the films “Anchorman,” “Talladega Nights,” and “The Other Guys.” Ferrell and McKay also founded their comedy website, Funny or Die, through their production company, Gary Sanchez Productions. McKay is currently working on Marvel’s “Ant-Man” and a feature-film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short.”

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