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Adrian Grenier

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director's Note

"I have always been passionate about the state of our environment. There's a giving aspect to nature and what it provides us in both its ineffable beauty as well as its contribution to the things we make from it, that I found making a film about the hidden value of nature and its impact on the economy interesting to explore. Nature's material contribution to our economy is usually behind the scenes. 'A Bee's Invoice' gives me the opportunity to use state-of-the-art digital technology and computer graphics to animate and celebrate the functional wonder of nature and all the raw material it provides us without asking for anything in return. The animation allowed us to create a hyper-realistic vision of nature to help illustrate the story for a modern audience that is used to heightened visual experiences. 

This topic was a learning experience and has helped to clarify for me some ideas that I've been exploring in my environmental work with SHFT.com that we need to find market-based solutions to our environmental problems. Getting accurate economic calculations by including the value and costs of climate change and exploitation of our resources are the only way we can make sure that the free markets can work to protect long-term prosperity for us and the planet. In today's economic climate I also thought it was important to excite people about what is possible for the future. I aimed to give a taste of economic principles which take nature into account, and to encourage people's economic empowerment - so that they may actively participate in building strong economies of tomorrow."

Short Biography

ADRIAN GRENIER recently wrapped production on the Warner Bros. feature film adaptation of the HBO series “Entourage,” set for release in June 2015. His other acting credits include: ”The Devil Wears Prada,” “Sex, Death & Bowling,” “Cecil B. Demented,” and “Goodbye World.” Founder of Reckless Productions, Grenier has also produced and directed such documentaries as “Shot in the Dark,” “Teenage Paparazzo,” and “How to Make Money Selling Drugs.” He is currently in pre-production on “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World,” which will take audiences on a journey to search for the forgotten “52 Hertz Whale.” In 2009, Grenier co-founded SHFT.com, a content creation/curation hub promoting sustainable green living through film, design, art and food. Its non-profit endeavors include the SHFT Mobile Kitchen Classroom, which provides New York City high school students with opportunities to engage in experiential lessons around food, health and sustainability.

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