Catherine Hardwicke

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“When I first began speaking with John Steele Gordon about the Federal Reserve, I admit, I didn’t have a clue about our country’s central banking system. I thought it was an amazing challenge to try and explain the Fed in an entertaining and digestible way, in 10 minutes or less. It takes longer than that to read the Wikipedia article! 

We had a blast recreating the Federal Reserve System with children’s toys, including a LEGO model of the Fed Building in DC. I just hope it encourages people to dig a little deeper!”

Short Biography

CATHERINE HARDWICKE is best known as the director of “Twilight,” which launched the worldwide blockbuster franchise, “The Twilight Saga.” Her directorial debut was the critically acclaimed, “Thirteen,” which won the 2003 Director's Award at the Sundance Film Festival, two Golden Globe nominations, an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and an Independent Spirit Award. Additional directing credits include “Red Riding Hood” and “Lords of Dogtown.” As a production designer, her credits include David O. Russell’s “Three Kings,” Richard Linklater’s “Suburbia,” Lisa Cholodenko’s “Laurel Canyon,” Cameron Crowe’s “Vanilla Sky,” “Tombstone” and “Tank Girl.” Recently, Hardwicke has directed pilots for CBS and MTV, both of which have gone to series. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from UT Austin, and did graduate work at UCLA Film School.

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