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Chris Henchy

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director's Note

“GDP. I grew up hearing that phrase on the radio at the top of the hour and 30 minutes after, or as close as the news could get to it. ‘GDP.’ ‘Dow Jones Industrial Average.’ ‘Consumer Price Index.’ ‘Trickle Down.’ Those were all words jumbled together at the end of the news, almost as an afterthought. It signaled to me the news was over and another Journey song was about to come on. I never really paid attention and just hoped the Journey song was not ‘Open Arms.’ 

I was thrilled when Morgan asked me to participate in the WE THE ECONOMY series. I teamed up with Adam Davidson who made GDP exciting and figured this might be an opportunity to enlighten other folks out there about the economy. Hopefully, some kid like myself listening to the radio will now have a better understanding of what the news is talking about between Journey and Katy Perry songs and be able to do something about it.”

Short Biography

CHRIS HENCHY runs Gary Sanchez Productions (GSP), co-founded by comedians Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, which partnered with Sequoia Capital to launch www.funnyordie.com. He was involved in the creation of the website, and is integral in its ongoing commitment to showcase the best comedy on the web. Henchy has been a writer and producer on such shows as “Entourage,” “Spin City,” “I'm With Her” and GSP’s HBO comedy series “Eastbound and Down.” He wrote the feature films “Land of the Lost” for Universal Pictures, Sony's “The Other Guys” starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and “The Campaign” for Warner Brothers, starring Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. He is currently producing the feature film “Get Hard” starring Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Born in New York City, Henchy resides in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Brooke Shields, and their two daughters.

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